Entirety…and a glass of wine

I am not one to consume alcoholic beverages, however, sporadically I do enjoy a glass of sangria (as long as it’s sweet and cold), or rather a few sips, since I rarely finish the 1/4 of a glass that I pour myself.  Something about today yells cocktail time! Though I cannot allow, nor bring myself to actually have a cocktail or a drink (other than wine); honestly, the whole idea of  somehow losing control (I know that only happens through an exaggerated amount of alcohol), at any level,  just does not appeal to me.  Plus, I love my neurons, and every other cell in my body.  As a nerdy confession, I have to admit that after studying physiology, biology and all the other “ology” sciences about the body, I try my best to keep my body at homeostasis.  As I consider how life unravels, I sip some more wine.  Its sweet pungent taste covers my tongue with smooth fluidity, and it stimulates every taste bud.  What is it about this trihydroxy-stilbenoid that amuses the senses (when consumed in moderation)?
As I consider the future and the things that will change, I must ask, is thinking really being complicated (as some people will have me believe), or is it just a way of being prepared?  Perhaps thinking ahead is a combination of both, with (just like love and hate) a filmy and subjective line separating one from the other.  Surely at the point where they intertwine is when it either becomes complicated, or we find the answer to what started a thought.  Once again, I begin to wonder, why is change sometimes difficult to accept? We live in a dynamic world, hence, we should be use to it, however, it is the comfort of a routine, and a static life style to which we cling for assurance; and then we complain about a monotonous life.  Life is full of contradictions, and that is exactly how I define myself, a walking paradox.  Making a mental list of the things that fill my mind with concern, I realize that after a deep breath, things don’t seem as impossible, and little by little, solutions begin to formulate. So, perhaps the well know saying “everything has a solution, except death” is true (its actually a Spanish saying, however, I think it makes sense when translated).  Hoping to get some insight, I start my list.
Health insurance, an obligation in this country, and one that I have been meaning to fulfill in the last week, but somehow I still seem to fail to achieve.  How do I explain to google that I am a student, with student loans to pay, and no income what so ever as I await my graduation.  All I get is affordable “health plans”, that to me are not affordable at all, since I don’t have any income what so ever. Soon leaving the nest and starting a life of my own, I am use to being spoiled and protected by my parents, how will the change affect me, I still don’t know, but I find the new adventure sometimes alluring.  Grocery shopping is another abrupt awakening to reality, $13.00 for 10 apples.  How are the middle and lower class suppose to afford eating healthy, if we can’t even afford fruit. No wonder America has obesity problems, the most affordable things are it’s trade marks: McDonald’s, Burger King, precooked and preserved foods, the list is endless.   Money seems to be the focal point for many things.  You need money to be healthy and fit, you need money to become a professional someone, and you even need money to afford being insane, not being in a right mind is not a luxury we can all afford, and then again, you need money to be mentally stable. Personally, I find that shopping and running is the best therapy for emotional unbalance, but obviously I can’t afford myself, hence I allow craziness to replenish me.  I find it to be quite fun, and I have come to realize that being a little crazy and out of norm is rather the best way to be, stand out from the crowd, not being ashamed of not fitting into the mold that society cuts out for us…  Sipping some more wine I realize that half the day has gone by, and alas, I must peel myself from my wondering mind, with another farewell I shall concentrate in the present…