“Moved by Music” Let her go by passenger

I came across the Daily Post challenge by sheer chance, I logged on to organize my posts, and continue to add on my (relatively) short stories.. As an eternal procrastinator (I have so many things to say, and so many ideas to transcribe from the random electrical impulses that burst from neuron to neuron, into legible words) most of my “posts” are still “baby-drafts”.  I found the challenge to be a great idea, however(and quite honestly), at first I did not find it interesting enough to dedicate some time to it… But then I thought, why not, since it would have a dead line, perhaps I could push and “challenge” myself, into actually finishing it tonight…
I struggled to choose a song, as the post it self says, “music is powerful”, it adapts to your mood and enhances it, it can help you travel through time, and (as a Spanish saying says) “it calms beasts down”.  I like so many different songs and genres.  How to decide??  Music is unbiased, it does not favor any sort of emotion, it just “goes with it” and carries you through a carousel of feelings and memories, its one of the best companions for a road trip, and let’s face it, movies would be nothing with out their soundtracks (particularly the horror genre). It fills your soul of endless possibilities through its auditive journey…  And as a Hispanic girl, personally, I feel that dancing to music with great rhythm is one of the best cures (next to making love, and shopping) for the body, mind, and soul..
After going through a mental list of songs, I came up with three main ones (which I will list at the end to make them justice). However, I decided to expand on the one that made it to the title: Let her go by Passenger.  How, exactly, did this particular song pushed me to join the challenge??? Well, first as I browsed the internet while I allowed my mind to elaborate on what I wanted to say (and whether or not I would write), I came across a post on Facebook that quoted one of the lines from the song. Immediately I knew this was one of the songs that would have to make it into the challenge.  Or perhaps it was its dual effect.  With its entrancing instrumental opening, it  tickles the senses into a bubbly state of mind; the first time you listen to it, however, it can be perceived in a negative or somewhat depressive way.  But it’s the rhythm(as it is with many songs) that hooks your attention and keeps you listening to the end, and it grows on you..  Once you accept the cliche saying “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” as verity , you can fully understand and appreciate the lyrics; and hopefully make a conscious effort to be better, in both life and love… Or at the very least, just enjoy the song… Which ever approach you take, it’s a sublimely succinct song.
To me, this song, is a subliminal description of the facets of the icosahedron that human nature is, the different moods we experience, and the moments that fill our lives.  We can be so cryptically capricious.  We focus on the one shiny thing we think we really want (sometimes going through extreme situations to attain it), once we have it, it some how loses value, and we are no longer interested… Most of the time we don’t know where we are going, or what we want, we make it up, and we re discover ourselves day by day.  We go through life, expecting it to be extraordinary, and we forget (through routines and social pressure) that it is up to us to make it so…  We, quite often, forget to enjoy the little things (for however long they may last) and to make the best of each breath we take, since we never know when it will be the last.  As we grow up we leave behind the magic the world held for us when we were children, the little things no longer shine the way they use to, and we no longer make the effort to see wonder behind a beautiful sunset, our significant other, a song with great lyrics, a good book, or even bubble wrap. They fall into a secondary category, where taking the time to be happy and share it with loved ones, is an expensive mythical gift.  We get consumed by what we think something should be or feel like, and we forget to accept things the way they are and truly enjoy them.  As I have discovered through my “growing up experiences”, balance is key 🙂

1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBumgq5yVrA

2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lLvtydTM78

3) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8LOJK7HF0kSZgLFSy5R-Y-7-VCVicbmZ

As a short note: The last song is in Spanish, it’s from a Mexican rock band called Mana.  It’s my motto, it speaks about how we should not care what people think about us, regardless of who they may be, authorities, parents, peers, in-laws, etc… Know yourself, and accept the fact that no body is perfect, therefore, they don’t have the right to judge you, and in turn, you should not judge others..