A thank you blog (and probably the last full length blog)

Come this Monday I will be a full-time grad-student/ teaching-assistant, and my days of random-careless-lengthy blogging will be limited to one blog a month, or perhaps less (I must do my best to continue blogging); I’m trying not to be overwhelmed by everything I have to prepare for the classes that I’m teaching as well as the classes that I’m taking…
I’m sitting in my room with my best companions (Rambo & Drogo), surrounded by all the textbooks I had to get for this term and the notes I have already started taking, when I remembered that a few days ago one of my new neighbors and one of my favorite reads https://wordscoffeeandlacedresses.wordpress.com/ had nominated me to the Brotherhood of the World Award… I cannot begging to express my surprise and gratitude to have been nominated, thank you so much lovely, I am truly honored!!!
Now to complete the nomination and spread the writing-love! As I did some research on what this award is I came across five steps that must be completed so, without further delay, here they are:

Award step 1) Acknowledge the nomination, in other words, say thank; which I did above…

Award step 2) Display of badge of Brotherhood of the World… I like it’s bright-book-colors 🙂
brotherhood-awardAward step 3) Answer a short questionnaire provided by the fellow blogger that nominated you…

  • Where do you do most of your writing and does it help to keep you focused? I write where ever I can, usually it requires a nice relaxing environment at a café, or something similar.  Writing to me is not a matter of being focused, rather it’s an outlet.  As long as I am comfortable and I can get passed the first “hurtle” of “how should I start”, my writing takes a life of it’s own and it shapes up to whatever comes out..
  • Do you play music or prefer silence when writing? Life without music, to me, is analogous to a canvas without painting (as corny as it sounds), so yes, I often listen to music.  My preferences depend on the activity I’m doing, for writing and studying,  I usually listen to indie classical music, Phillip Glass, anything instrumental without lyrics…
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtQpSGyPCBE  Mad Rush by Phillip Glass (one of my favorites)
  • How has blogging benefited you, in terms of personal growth? The mind, just like any muscle, can be strengthened if used… When I blog, I view reality in a different way, time is frozen within my thoughts and I am able to analyze them better; by doing so, I am able to understand my self better…
  • What is your favorite book? I wouldn’t say I have one favorite book, I like reading too much to limit my taste to a specific genre, let alone a single book… But if I had to choose one, I would say Como Agua para Chocolate (Like water for Chocolate) by Laura Esquivel.  It was the first book that I read as a teenager (I’ve been reading since I was five) and it completely reeled me into the literary world; it’s more of a sentimental choice, I suppose…
  • What do you do, when you need to de-stress? Jajajajaja, well I enjoy blogging for one (I have mentioned this often, I feel like a broken record), but when writing doesn’t cut it, I like to go for a jog, or the gym…. Spending time with my doggies makes me immensely happy.

Award step 4) Nominate fellow bloggers 🙂

Award step 5) Create a questionnaire for your nominees

  1. What prompted you to start blogging?
  2. We all have different purposes for our blogs, how did you find yours?
  3. What country would you travel to, why?
  4. What helps you get inspired to write?
  5. What other hobbies do you have? 

Thank you once again for the nomination 🙂
As my last words for this blog, I say my goodbyes to my fellow bloggers (a dramatic end), as a full time student I won’t have as much time to blog… I will try to keep my mind stable and my thoughts organized…and over all I will try not to lose my shit….
Until my next blog 🙂


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