Compilation of assignments Day 2-6 (struggling to catch up)

I wasn’t sure, once again, on whether or not to blog on these assignments, as the constant procrastinator that I am, I always push my writing aside because, well, life gets in the way (or at least, that’s what I tell myself) and I forget to make time for my writing…

The last few assignments were easy guidelines to follow, I was able to freshen-up my “about” section, I organize my ideas better, I identified my audience, I polish the use of widgets;  and I have finally customized my page to a somewhat more professional face.  I’m quite happy with my  theme, it’s something I can enjoy for a while; I know I’ll end up changing it at some point, that’s just something I do.. The best part of it is that I feel more connected to my blog, as if my “pensieve” can depict my mind in a slightly more accurate manner
I must admit that learning how to use widgets was, perhaps, the most difficult one of the assignments; simply because this time I couldn’t (or rather I wasn’t supposed to) skip all the instructions (rather simple) on what they are used for and how to add them… I don’t quite see the point to them, but I assume I’ll find out as I familiarize myself more with word-press; I’m sure that’s something I shouldn’t have shared publicly, but as I explained on my (recently modified) “about” page, I’m extremely honest…

I chose the Love Craft theme because it’s layout was a perfect match to how I pictured my mind would be in physical form, if that could ever happen.. (just like a cherry blossom, intricate, delicately simple and elegant); I’m also partly (if not just psychoanalytically) claustrophobic, so too crowded scenarios, 2D or otherwise, don’t allow me to concentrate, I keep the minimum number of widgets so as to keep my blog spacey and clean, the colors are warm and add to the simplicity factor…  A beautiful sunset in a chilly autumn evening decorates my header, I chose it because Colorado is my “move-to-state”; over all, I am rather content with my new blog. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Compilation of assignments Day 2-6 (struggling to catch up)

  1. wordscoffeeandlacedresses

    Hi there 🙂 Because I love reading your posts, whenever you publish them, I have nominated you for the Brotherhood of the World Award, over on my blog. Be sure to check it out 😀

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