Day one and four days late (I’ve heard that late is better than never)

I signed up for the blogging 101 class way before it started, this first assignment was meant to be published a few days ago, the exercise is for us to introduce ourselves to the blogging world…
Greetings fellow bloggers, the first thing I would say about my self is that I’m a passionate woman, an eternal procrastinator, and a decade old immigrant…
I don’t necessarily consider being a procrastinator a negative trait (not completely, at least), it’s all about timing (that’s my excuse), writing to me is an extension of my erratic soul, my blog has become my “pensieve” (for lack of a better word); and as I always mention, it is my way of “exorcising my demons “.
But why blog publicly, in all honesty, I only publish publicly the blogs that I don’t consider too personal, any random thought that may cross my mind and I want to perpetuate it in time (or rather, in the cloud); I blog because I love writing (despite my lack of experience and my challenge in the English language), I blog because it makes me happy and I consider it to be practice, since I aspire to become a writer (among many other things).   I have tried to keep a personal journal, but as the lazy Hispanic that I am (yes, it’s a very common stereotype), it seemed easier to type, plus you don’t have the empty pages to remind you that you’re slacking.
I don’t expect anyone to connect to my blog (though if I had avid and experienced writers give me input or pointers, that would be amazing!!!)  I would, however, like for my readers to enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.
If I push my self to blog (not because it’s tedious , rather because I procrastinate) through out the year, I would hopefully, have published my short stories/book ideas that; it would be another check on my bucket list. 🙂


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