To be gay or straight…

Someone asked me today what I think of gay people, I was a little thrown off.. How does one answer to that?  At first, all I could think of saying was “love is not a sin, love is love”…
As the day was wearing off and I was no longer distracted by work, I began to ponder on my answer, and how dissatisfied I was with it… On my way home from work I started elaborating on why I concluded that “love is love”…. Well, here are my two cents.  “You are the master of your emotions”, or so I have heard, but I don’t fully agree.  How can we control what goes on in the biochemistry of our brain?

Let’s start first with, what is love?  In the romantic sense, it’s that heart-warming-gut-wrenching-drive-me-crazy-cannot-live-without-each-other feeling we get when we meet that special someone.  However, it has been proven that we fall in love through our brains, not through our heart, it’s the way we experience other aspects of our world; perception and sensation transduce into electrical and chemical impulses… In other words, love is a neural connection formed only after the neurotransmitters and hormones, associated with these feelings, are released.  What we all search for, in that significant other, is that connection that is created after the appropriate biochemical reactions take place in our brain… Once all the appropriate hormones and neurotransmitters are released, we can determine if we are, or not, attracted to someone… We have no control over who will cause these reactions, hence we have no control over whom we fall in love with…


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