Love at first sight

The sliding doors opened, and his eyes were the first thing I noticed, deep and brown (gosh how am I a sucker for brown eyes)… he immediately noticed me, and his face lit up… As he looked back at me, making eye contact, smiling back… I knew my life would never be the same… This is not the usual “guy meets girl” story, it’s better, and still unwritten…

Five days ago, we adopted a puppy from “The Humane Society”, he’s about 10 weeks old, his name is Rambo, and he is perfect. He does have deep brown eyes that are aware of everything, and he learns fast, he’s the cutest thing I ever did see.. And I’m not just saying this because every mom says that about their child (fury or otherwise), in my case it’s true…
It has been a fun learning experience so far, mainly for my husband since Rambo is his first pup. I, on the other hand, have had my fair share of pets (mainly dogs and cats)…

The first night-

Our trip back home was surreal, were we ready for this? (I still don’t believe it sometimes) and yet, it was too late to go back, the paper work had been filled, signed, and the trunk held more evidence that the little creature on my lap (fuzzy little paws, big-round-warm tummy) was real, that we had actually just pledged to devote our care and love to this tiny-energized-adorable puppy… It was rather amusing watching my husband, I could tell his heart had just melted and he too, was in love (or rather all the biochemical reactions required to fall in love, had taken place)…  After feeding Rambo, and taking him out for a walk (I figured I would give him a break the first night, before starting the diligent and strict training required to have a well behaved dog/child)… we put him to bed… and we did not sleep at all… jajajaja  As it’s natural, any one would be scared if you are in one crate surrounded by your kind one night, and on a small bed in a bathroom (regardless of how plush the bed is, or that there is a night light with you) the next… Desperate, at 2 a.m. I made the mistake of going to see him, but I am happy to say that it has not affected  his training…

It’s a learning process for all of us-

I have been focusing on potty training mainly, I am a neat freak after all, and as much as I love my Rambo, I don’t want my house smelling like doggy waste…. Surprisingly my husband has as much fun as I do, and we happen to be on the same page as far as how to train him, and his feeding schedule goes… I am the “bad guy” since I’m not afraid to be more stern with him, but at least he doesn’t pamper him after I reprimand him..
Five days have passed, and I cannot stop hugging him, pampering him, or simply looking at him… He has just filled my heart, and without even knowing about it, he has helped me both emotionally and mentally…

Thinking back at how he ended up with us, it would seem as if he was meant to be ours… My husband had found a stray dog, just two days prior to when Rambo came to us, Fabio, as he had intended to name him, pay no attention to us what so ever… An old, calm, and good dog seemed to be about 7 or 8 years old.. He was just not the dog for us, but rather, he seems to have been intended for one of my husband’s employee’s family.. And so Fabio found his home… That’s when we decided to “just look” at what dog  pounds had on their lists… and we found Rambo…

Only four days have passed since we got him, and he has already have such a huge and positive impact on me..  I take advantage of the full day (I use to sleep in), I wake up at 6:30 (7 am the latest) take Rambo out for a walk (both of us still sort of sleepy) come back, feed him, and either do house choirs, or work on my lectures for class, I want to incorporate yoga into my morning routine, and eventually jogging… I no longer come back to an empty house, nor are my days lonely.. Rambo truly makes a difference… I am excited for all the beautiful memories he will give us.. The best is yet to come…


Rambo 2 Rambo 4 Rambo 5


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