Cultural differences in a single dinner-Just to vent a little

Last night, only three months after moving into our new home, my in-laws came for dinner… And having them react in a negative way towards my Rambo was rather infuriating, I constantly had to remind myself that we, indeed, come from different worlds…
I come from a background where dogs, and/or other pets, are not just pets, more often than not, they become family… In the western world, somehow, it seems to be the norm… But across the Atlantic, and into the far eastern countries (particularly Muslim countries) owning a dog is more of a black and white argument, where they are considered dirty and should not be allowed inside a home…
As a new Muslim, I must say, I disagree and I’m highly disappointed in the religion, how can such a pure creature, capable of true-loyal-unconditional love, be deemed unfit as a human companion… Yes, they do shed, slobber, and they (for some reason) love to play on the dirt.. But don’t tiny humans do the same, perhaps a little less shedding and a bit more slobbering, but they are still dirty, loud, noisy, and carry/spread germs every where they go… Nonetheless,  if you teach them otherwise, and care for them, they will modify their negative traits..

Listening to comments such as, “you should make room for him outside, in the store room”, just as a clarification that store room is tiny space-dusty-dark room we keep some tools and left over material from our kitchen renovation…  Or “don’t waste your time on this, you should think about real babies”.. I had to bite my tongue with all my might, and try not to let such comments get to me… As the good Muslim I aspire to be, anger should not control me.. But if, according to many “hadiths” out there, I have a dog inside my home, then I am not really being a good Muslim because they make me dirty and then I can’t pray to Allah… Well, damn, I guess I’ll go to hell after all.. But, at least, I’ll have my Rambo to keep me company, as he so kindly does…

My rant would be extremely unfair, if I don’t mention that I highly doubt my  in-laws meant to be rude,  or do any harm, as I previously said, we have cultural differences.. Naturally, to them, it is abnormal of me to have a dog live in my house, and to overwhelm him with affection..  I should, also mention, dinner was not a total unpleasant experience, my husband got to spend sometime with his parents, and I know that made him happy.. We got to cook together, him and me, and that is just another precious memory I add to my “I can’t believe we are actually married” mental category.. I do treasure every minute I spend with him.. And why would I be so selfish, and be angry with the people that raised such an amazing man, that is not only my best friend, but my husband as well?  Besides, they are generous, and they love me too… Just so I don’t make them seem like heartless monsters, I should also share here, that my father in law, filled our fridge with food… and my mother in law gave me $100 (jajaja I felt like a kid again, getting money from a relative, behind my parent’s back) all because they came to our home to an official “first dinner”…
In retrospect, I may have just been a protective mother.. In truth I am blessed with good people in my life, and a little angel by my side now… Understanding and accepting differences, is key for self growth and improvement… and one should  not judge others, particularly if they have different believes/thoughts than our own…



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