Family adventures

I can hardly remember the last time the five of us were out and about.. It has been a long tradition to venture out into the wilderness, back in Ecuador, it was rather fun… A group of 12 cousins, always had a way of stretching the imagination and travel from the mountains of the family’s “proprietà”, into a far away world of exotic wonder… From climbing  through the tall vegetation fighting the enemy, to swimming in the cold water of clear rivers with mermaids, and finally going back to the house, where reality awaited with  warm supper, our fictional world waiting for us just outside the door…
Over ten years have passed since we left our home land…  In this foreign country, my family and I have tried to reestablish our tradition, but with the lack of scenery and all the mixed schedules, our little escapades died over the years..
Today is our first outing in quite a few years.. Our destination, 1 acre of land my dad bought… All five of us cramped up in a small car… Its a true wonder how small kids are, how did we ever fit comfortably in the back seat…
Its been over an hour and we have not yet gotten there, surrounded by land, trees, and horses every so often.. I’m starting to think we are lost… I must admit, however, that it’s nice…
Now in the middle of nowhere we’ll start to explore the start of a new traditons for future generations… And here we go…



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