“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate”


Recently I blogged about taking things for granted. However, my blog focused on identity, and no so much on a physical level. Truth is, there are tons of things that we take for granted, simply because we let life and routine get in the way; we get too consumed by today’s hassle, that we forget to be grateful about the things that matter, which more often than not, are the things that neither money nor connections can buy, however, there are some exceptions..

It is through hardship that we learn people’s true colors, and most of  us will sulk and complain when “the road gets rocky”… But there are special people, whom regardless of what they are going through, can still manage to be kind and smile.. Today, I’d like to dedicate my blog to a special girl (whom I have never met), yet she is someone who’s story touched my heart, and made me be thankful for everything I have, she reminded me that a smile is always the best way to face life’s uncertainties… And for that, sweet girl, I thank you dearly and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Michelle is her name, and from what I read about her, she is a kind and sweet angel, with a warm smile on her face… Though her story has some scattered misfortunes, she still smiles… I personally cannot be of much help to this sweet girl, simply because I have no means of helping her (as I am still unemployed)… Alas, we have arrived to one of those exceptions to “money can’t buy happiness”. I urge my readers to click on the link and meet Michelle, know about her story, and hopefully you will be able to help her… Her only wish, is to walk.. I know for one, I have never thanked my legs for moving as I will, allowing me to walk, jump, run, and most importantly to move to the rhythms of songs that speak to me (as a Hispanic girl, dancing brings my cells to life).. I am not urging people to read upon her story simply to collect money, it goes much further than that… I am urging you to read because it is an opportunity to make a dream come true (or in her case, bring it back to her), I am urging you to read because, it will change you, and once again, you will be able to see that life (no matter the ups and downs) is truly beautiful, and though we all have our unique circumstances, we can all agree that after  a long day (of what ever it is we do) we keep breathing, we still have our health, we have our loved ones (even if they have parted the physical world), and so we can keep going (preferably, like Michelle, with a smile on our face), and that is something to be grateful for…

I now relay my good bye to you sweet Michelle, I send all the best energy your way, and may your family be able to give you back that which you have lost, so that your smile will be even brighter once more…


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